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The 2021 Mixtape, so far…

Tired of hearing the same shit? Tune in to the discovery playlist from Empeiros Audio for your listening pleasure… You know the rest… A glass of wine, your favourite easy chair, …

About the guide

New to the world of portable audio and are looking for a place to start? Need to refresh your memory? The Empeiros Audio Guide aspires to bring you a structured perspective which will accompany you throughout your audio journey. And in case you are wondering – yes – it’s free.

· 101

· An audiophile’s vocabulary primer

· Empeiros Audio: current setup and best-of

About the reviews

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the world of portable audio or have been an enthusiast for the last decade: Empeiros Audio’s reviews aim to bring you a fresh perspective.

For consistency’s sake, reviews are carried-out according to the following standard. All gear reviewed on Empeiros Audio has to be acquired from the reviewers’ very own and hard earn money… or donations. Loans are accepted. Free gear (i.e. to keep) sent by companies in exchange for reviews will not be accepted 👻.