Jomo Audio Haka

No crossover, no phase cancellation, just powerful and coherent pure sound.

Jomo Audio’s description of the Haka

Reading this, I was in from the get go and ordered the Haka with Effect Audio’s Ares II cable. The Haka seemed right up my alley with the notable exception of a tuning veering more on the side of neutral than what I usually like. There’s also the elephant in the room: it’s a single BA IEM — so how much can it achieve on its own? In spite of the above description, I was also looking for something different in order to review something outside of my comfort zone…


(1) Astell & Kern A&ultima SP1000M / Firmware: 1.41CM – Audio effects: none / Music app used: Stock & Spotify – Official site and (2) Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter & VOX Music Player


Stock Effect Audio Ares II, 3.5mm, Single-ended & Campfire Audio medium silicone tips


Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, Never Going Back Again / Quality: 24-Bit 96.0 kHz – Stereo, FLAC

Iron Maiden, Fear Of The Dark, Fear Of The Dark / Quality: 24-Bit 44.1 kHz – Stereo, FLAC

Joni Mitchell, Blue, California / Quality: 24-Bit 192.0 kHz – Stereo, FLAC

Nina Simone, Pastel Blues, Sinnerman (Live In New York/1965) / Quality: 24-Bit 192.0 kHz – Stereo, FLAC

Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here, Wish You Were Here / Quality: DSD / SACD

Plüm, You’re the one, You’re the one / Quality: 16 bit 44.1 kHz – Stereo, FLAC

Simon & Garfunkel, Sounds Of Silence, Anji / Quality: 24-Bit 192.0 kHz – Stereo, FLAC

Stevie Wonder, Talking Book, Superstition (Album Version) / Quality: 24-Bit 192.0 kHz – Stereo, FLAC

Various Artists, Atlantic Jazz: Soul, Comin’ Home Baby (LP Version) / Quality: 16 bit 44.1 kHz – Stereo, FLAC




I genuinely listen to a bit of everything and I quickly discovered that a neutral, balanced, tuning presents lots of advantages in that regard.

Bass is where it should be, both on tracks with subtle and emphasised low end. Being someone who doesn’t mind emphasized bass on my headphones and IEMs, when coupled with tracks which, themselves, present an emphasized low end, it sometimes can get a bit overwhelming. In that sense, I feel that the Haka offer a wonderful equilibrium with precise bass one can also feel when the track demands it.

The mids feel natural, rich and smooth which, together with the non-fatiguing mid-highs and highs, offer a well-rounded sound one can enjoy for hours on end, particularly given how confortable these IEMs are.

Similarly, the Haka strike an incredible balance in terms of separation, texture and soundstage.


The HAKA’s semi-custom 3D printed ergonomic shell makes them the most comfortable IEM I ever had. Effect Audio’s Ares II cable, however, isn’t the thinnest cable around nor the most comfortable. It is nonetheless very good — and seriously gorgeous 🤩

Out of the two types of tips with which the Haka shipped, I preferred the double flange silicone ones yet ended-up settling for my usual Campfire Audio medium silicone tips which I use on my CA Andromeda and Comet as I find them to be an excellent fit for both my ears and BA drivers in general.


The Haka’s are baffling. Not only do they sound outstanding compared to other single BA IEM such as Campfire Audio’s Comet, they’re also distinguishably better than other dynamic driver IEMs. Bundled with Effect Audio’s Ares II cable, it isn’t the cheapest set around, though, from a price / enjoyment perspective, these are a no brainer. The Haka are truly special IEMs which genuinely deserve to be with you wherever you go.

5 / 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.